Become part of the
world’s densest digital
trap network

Stop insect swarms before they start

Become part of the world’s densest digital trap network

Stop insect swarms before they start

We’ve built the most affordable and scalable digital trap

Instantly transforms your existing manual trap network to digital and leverage our artificial intelligence

Finally, its affordable and scalable to leverage science and artificial intelligence to identify pest insects eating your valuable crop yield

Stop yield loss today by automatically identifying pest pressure

and receive automated alerts to take precision action on your fields

Check it out for yourself 🔍

Built with love by a team of farmers, entomologists, agronomists and data science nerds 🤓

Modernize your on field pest
insect detection 🔍

Climate increases have accelerated the life cycles

of pests- upgrade your detection now


Fast and simple DIY install- 2 mins per trap


Receive daily artificial intelligence- monitored by a team of entomologists to measure pest pressures

Actionable data for precision application- stop swarms before they happen

The most affordable trap one off cost and subscription model to allow you to build trap density

2 minute DIY assembly

Add new devices in seconds


Install in your field in minutes


See your whole digital trap network

Ready to get started?

No more guessing on pest pressures, apply science and artificial intelligence to automate precision defense- get started now

William Sterne
William Sterne
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“You can see exactly what's happening with the pest pressure in every single field in your farm without starting the car so and you are much more accurate. So, you can tell your spray man a go to the field tomorrow and spray these specific fields because another bad practice is as I see one capture in one of my traps. In one field, I spray the entire farm. And that's not right, you don't need it and you’re wasting money. But now with this technology you can spray this field but another one can wait …you can select which fields you need to prioritize”
Barbara Tilly
Barbara Tilly
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“The dream is to have, like a very dense network of traps. But when you look at the price of these solutions it's complicated to make it an affordable business, profitable business for both parties. We have to add a margin to cover our costs … so price it to make this scalable. We have to provide an affordable price for growers. They struggled to invest in technologies if they don't see directly ROI before them.”
Matt Jhonson
Matt Jhonson
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”We don't want complex hardware and software that we need to take care of on the field. I don't care about the hardware. I don't care at all. I don't want to be looking after the hardware. I want a company that setups the traps by themselves or have them provide me an easy one that I have just hanging on a tree and it's working. But I don't want complex tool that I need to stall.”
Victor Smith
Victor Smith
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“I tell the remote sensing companies you don't have to be 100% accurate because I can guarantee you, we're not right. I mean, manually looking at traps , they're not difficult jobs, but they're not easy. There's a lot of bugs out there in the world. And if you're new to it, how do you tell them all apart? That's tough. Especially if something is sitting in a trap for a week and do and everything and Yellow Jackets picking out them and all that kind of stuff. So, it's not easy”
Jose Fransisco
Jose Fransisco
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“We need these (digital) insights to look after our products, you know, because their efficacy is, is diminishing quicker than we'd like.” “New legislation is accelerating this because farmers will have to optimize …in the future as the legislation will be more restrictive, they will need to utilize the oil to spray the crop protection products in a much efficient way. And then this tool will become much more important. “

Trap density- how many traps do you need? 🤔

If you’re replacing your current manual traps, we suggest using the same number of our traps for a similar setup. Our affordable price means you can easily add more traps for even better coverage of your fields.


Meet our team

Donat, coming from a family farm, grew up battling bugs. But as temperatures rose, so did the pest problem, turning one seasonal attack into three. With manual scouting becoming less effective and reliable labor scarce, Donat knew he had to innovate. He rallied a team of entomologists, agronomists, engineers, and data scientists to create an affordable, precise pest detection system. This farmer-focused solution not only protected his crops but also caught the attention of agribusinesses seeking to promote sustainable farming practices. It was a win-win: saving farmers money, reducing environmental impact, and ensuring healthier crops for everyone.

Backed by the smartest in agricultural investment

Frequently asked questions💡

Nope, your subscription fee includes all of the data connectivity costs and we supply your Mini with a pre installed sim card that works around the planet.

A simple test- if you can send a WhatsApp from that location then our Mini’s will work

We use a super aggregator that auto selects the best operator for that location- if you can send a WhatsApp from that location then our Mini will work

Very- these are deployed in most continents around the planet and in some really hardy environments. The life of the Mini should be 3 years

No, you would continue to buy the insect relevant pheromone and a sticky sheet and replace them at the recommended timeframe

Please keep to the suppliers recommended timeframe- they know best but normally every 3-4 weeks.

Not yet ; ) but a good idea, keep them coming please

We’ve built a native mobile app for iPhone and Android. As well as a webapp. You can access it anytime

None at the moment. We digitize the data, you can read the graph + heatmap in one place. But we’re working on that!

Sorry for now we are in English only, hopefully the UX of our App and Web App is very straightforward, please email us for any improvement tips as we build for you

No, it only comes on momentarily when we take a night time scheduled photo

Our engineering teams work closely with our entomologists to take this at the optimal daily point to ensure a high quality photo for our computer vision- this can vary based on the Mini’s geographical location

We automate these and will provide them daily to both the mobile App and Web App- go use your expensive, smart scouts for something more useful

Algorithms and AI backed up by our crack team of entomologists and agronomists

We recommend using a local pheromone manufacturer’s trap density. Rule of thumb: 1 sensor every 2 ha or 5 acres

These are built very robustly and we expect at least 3 years.

Each Mini is a 49€ upfront + 29€ subscription fee per season. This makes is more affordable than a comparative manual trap- around 100 eur per trap. 20 eur for the pheromone strip plus 80 eur for the labour to scout and manually record insect pressure, with a huge margin of error and guess work

The price above is fully inclusive of a trap, battery, solar panel, sim card, IOT Mini, data processing, data display-everything you need to get up and running fast

Our AI delivers >93% accuracy and is getting better with the help of our team of agronomists and entomologists

We can monitor any moth that is pheromone based- over 180 to our last count

Pretty easy, it’s DIY- the same as installing a manual trap. We have online short videos and also live customer care support to help a smooth and fast install

Pheromone strips needs to be changed every 3-4 weeks. The sticky trap is expected to be changed every 3-4 weeks when it fills up and the app will send you a notification when it’s too full of pests

Inside the app you can see the picture and the moths detected

The Mini is a camera based IOT device. Every day it takes a picture and sends it to our server where we count it with an image recognition algorithm. The pests are then checked by an agronomist. In real time you see this every day with pest pressure.